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Charis Table

"The Lord is near the brokenhearted; he delivers those who are discouraged." ~Psalm 34:18

Do you struggle with an addictive compulsion that leaves you feeling empty, guilty, or broken? Reformed & Recovered is a Christ-centered ministry that uses the 12 Steps and their Biblical roots, helping all with addictions and compulsive disorders.

Life can be hard for some, but God's grace is infinitely greater than any hardship, addiction, sin, or compulsion you may face. It is the goal of this ministry to support you with the issues you are battling.

When many people think of recovery, they think of addicts, alcoholics, people with extreme compulsion disorders like gambling, eating, sex, pornography, shopping.

While these are some of the more commonly recognized addictions, we often forget that these behaviors are just the way sin manifests itself in some of us. Ultimately this manifestation stems from our inability to allow God to be sovereign in and over our lives.

We want to control everything, but we can't. As a result of our lack of control, we become restless, irritable, and discontent with life.

The way everyone copes with this is different. For some it is addiction. For others, it is uncontrolled anger.  Still others experience unhappiness, and start to seek out things that we know are not in alignment with our relationship with Christ. We rob ourselves from the grace and peace that comes from knowing that God is always in control.

So is recovery exclusive to addicts? It doesn’t have to be. Recovery is also for the stay at home parent, the working professional, the retired person - anyone who recognizes that  controlling behavior, fear, or anger is damaging their relationships. Life has become unmanageable, and is devoid of the peace God has promised to us in Bible.

Reformed and Recovered, is a safe place to say “I am not okay”. Here, the ongoing process of confession and repentance lead us to a deeper understanding of the Gospel message through the biblical roots of the 12 steps. The process of the 12 steps gets us back into right relationship with Christ.



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