Jesus’ Last Command:

“Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations.”

And what an exciting command it is! If you have ever witnessed a moment when the grace and love of God first becomes real to someone, you know there is nothing like it in all the world. And you can be a part of helping that happen worldwide! There are numerous ways each of us can participate in God’s plan to take the Gospel to all people groups.

Keep scrolling to find out how you can get involved.

“The Great Commission is not an option to be considered; it is a command to be obeyed.”  ~ Hudson Taylor, founder of the China Inland Mission (now OMF International).

Advance Schedule of Events

9:30am Guest Speaker Markos Zemede

Dr. Zemede is a physician who is deeply involved with missions work. He will share how God is moving through COVID-19 in Africa and the Middle East, along with encouragement for how to make the most of this season.

11:00am GO Fest

Enjoy cupcakes during the launch of Missions Month!

9:30am Guest Speaker Hermie Smit

Hermie has been the director of City Team San Jose since 2001 and and assisted countless families and individuals through his work. He has also been a driving force behind the Discipleship Making Movement, which has planted thousands of house churches in the area.

11:00am Q&A with Hermie

After hearing Hermie speak, you will probably be curious to hear more. Stay around and ask some questions.

6:30pm Worship Night

Ramin Parsa will lead a night of worship and prayer.

9:30am Guest Speaker Ramin Parsa

Ramin escaped to America 12 years ago after living under two separate tyrannies. He is committed to sharing the Gospel even if he must sacrifice everything.

9:30am Guest Speaker Viji Nakka-Cammauf

Unfortunately Keivan Tehrani, who was scheduled to be our guest speaker this Sunday, has come down with COVID. Please pray for his health. In his place, Viji Nakka-Cammauf will be speaking. Viji is the president of Little Flock Children’s Homes, a ministry to orphans and widows. Formerly an Hindu, she met Jesus after coming to the United States and is now a mentor and discipler for many serving in ministry and missions, locally and globally.

7:00 Zoom Call with our Global Partners

On the last Saturday of every month, we have the chance to connect and pray with our Global Partners, just like we did during the week of Fasting. You are welcome to join! RSVP below to get the Zoom Link.

RSVP for Zoom Call with Global Partners

I Want to Commit to Global Missions

How Can I Get Involved?

  • Pray for God to send out workers into the harvest.
  • Sign-up to receive our Global Partners’ email updates and then pray for their needs.
  • Pray as you read news around the world.
  • Support Home Church Missions with a monthly commitment.
  • Write an encouraging letter to a missionary.
  • When missionaries are home, set aside time to listen to their stories.
  • Talk with one of the GO Team members about your desire to serve overseas.
  • Become a “tentmaker,” using your professional skills to gain access to another country.
  • Go on one of the short-term “vision trips” that our church offers.
  • Retired? Many opportunities are available to serve our Partners, their families and their ministries.
  • Ask God to give you an opportunity to welcome people from other countries.
  • Go often to an ethnic restaurant. Try to get to know and befriend those who work there.
  • When given the opportunity, volunteer to host students visiting from other countries.
  • Learn all you can about some of the local ethnic groups in our area.
  • Read a biography of a missionary.
  • Subscribe to a free magazine like “Voice of the Martyrs” or “Mission Frontiers.”
  • Take the Perspectives Course when it’s offered.
  • Study a foreign language.
  • Keep updated with our Global Partners and bring their prayer needs before your home group.
  • Become an advocate for a Global Partner you know, talking about his or her ministry with others you know to help them gain new partners.
  • Be a voice that encourages people to hold an outward focus on their lives.
  • Encourage your children or grandchildren to consider becoming a missionary in the future.
  • Connecting people to one another (networking)