Get to Know Us

Our amazing staff at the Home Church is here for you. We want you to know Jesus and run your race well. Each member of our team is committed to this mission.

Pastoral Staff

Hector Moreno
Hector MorenoSenior Pastor
Randal Wing
Randal WingPastor of Adult Ministries
George Kistler
George KistlerAssociate Pastor | Business Manager

Licensed Ministers

Amy Fyfe
Amy Fyfe___________________
Worship Ministry Director
Michelle Sun-Thoreson
Michelle Sun-Thoreson___________________
Director of Family Ministries
Jessica Fox
Jessica Fox___________________
Youth Minister
Mike Sanders
Mike Sanders___________________
Community, IT/Tech Director, & Facilities Manager
Shane Burley
Shane Burley___________________
Food Ministry, Tech Director, & Facilities Support

Support Staff

Amy Aochi
Amy Aochi___________________
Brenda Wielen
Brenda Wielen___________________
Human Resources Manager
Chrissie Moreno
Chrissie Moreno___________________
Pastor’s Wife/Guest Services
Heather Pierson___________________
Front Desk Receptionist
Kathy Kistler
Kathy Kistler___________________
Pioneer Family Academy / Special Needs Director
Marian 'Bing' Sedillo
Marian 'Bing' Sedillo___________________
Front Desk Receptionist

Elders & Advisors

George Bettisworth
Doug Baumann
David Mansfield

Pattie Bradley
Tailong Ke

Greg Fyfe
Marc Gschwend
Michelle Sun-Thoreson